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Posted by YariGrafight - 2 weeks ago

Yo everyone! I didn't finish in time to upload today, so expect something this Thursday! And it's the perfect occasion: from now on I'll upload on Thursday, hope it's a good day to do so. Have a nice day ~


Posted by YariGrafight - March 19th, 2021

Yo everyone! Did not managed to finish the story in time for today, so see you next week!

Have a nice day ~


Posted by YariGrafight - February 3rd, 2021



Coming this end of the week !!!


Posted by YariGrafight - January 12th, 2021

Yo everyone!

Last time I was talking about my dream to draw big stories full time. But now it may be less of a "project" but more a... disclamer? Something I wanted to talk about!

Last time I was talking about my dream to draw big stories full time. But now it may be less of a "project" but more a... disclaimer? Something I wanted to talk about!

Put it simply: I don't want to have (almost) any barrier, limitations. If a story is extremely violent or gore, I want to draw it and show you this way! If someone goes bathing nakedly in a river or if lovers have sex, I want to show you!

I want to show pure emotions, and it means to show, to draw, all emotions, everything.

Of course I'll put the appropriate warnings and (sadly) censor things regarding the websites' policies. The only one where everything will be untouched for now is Newground. And also it won't concern everything I'll draw.

That's all, but I wanted to say it :)

If you feel it, don't hesitate to tell your thinking.

Have a nice day, you are awesome ~



Posted by YariGrafight - January 7th, 2021

Yo everyone!

It's January! And I think it's the perfect time of the year to talk about the future!

I'll do two or three of these journals this month, where I'll give you my thoughts. I'll try my best. You know I am not on the talkative side...

Anyway! So you saw I love to make stories and you saw that I haven't any clear schedule too. It's because I need to balance life and drawing ( yes as a lot of people out there (wish you good to all drawers and righters and all)).

I didn't talk about it, but yes I would love to draw every day. So make a living out of it, you might say.

But it's not for now for sure!

In a "perfect" world I would be able to draw about two pages/pictures a day. That's roughly one or two stories a month. Story or chapter! For when I'll start making big long epic stories. And it would be big chapters, like Sand Rose or a bit longer even! It be a dream come true.

Right now I want to stay focus and keep going as usual :)

If you feel it, don't hesitate to tell your thinking. I'll gladly read them.

Have a nice day, you're awesome ~



Posted by YariGrafight - January 5th, 2021



Posted by YariGrafight - December 29th, 2020

Best one-shot story


Intense and violent, i loved drawing it.

Honorable mentions


May easily take the best position for 2020 in the future. It's too fresh now, but it noneless ended up really good.


Redish Green and Sand Rose are two of the stories I planned telling years ago. It's part thanks to them I started drawing! I'll always have more affection for those two.

Best drawing


The UCity mini series was a huge success from my point of view. I wish to do more of worldbuilding like this. It was a lot of fun!

Best pages


I wasn't sure to include any "best pages" section, but this one deserve it I think! It's from Sand Rose. I drew it in the first half of the year. I love the color, how the salty rain is depicted, the tempest, the textures.. plus the read speed is perfect!

See you next year!

You're awesome,


Posted by YariGrafight - December 11th, 2020

Yo everyone! Hope you're all right! Here is the second part this year's summary.

We'll focus on the webcomics I found in 2020. It's not all of my readings! But some I want to talk about ~ Since I discovered and started using Webtoons this year, most (all?) of them are published there. I'll may do a "what webcomic/comic I am currently reading" sometimes!


It's the only story here that is not in the fantasy genre. You saw that i love to draw movements, fights, actions in general! That's part why i like boxing comics. This one has magnificent drawings, especially in violence, plus the story is quite unusual for a sport focused one, I love it!!!


This one started gently. I didn't think I would like it that much. But it's currently becoming more interesting each chapter! A witchcraft school, demonic threats and a character that may have to fight it's evil inner self... I'll keep an enjoying eye on it!


Yes I discovered it only this year, I was told that it's quite famous. It's not perfect, but the drawings and a lot of the story are on top! Quite a serious One Punch Man vibe to it. The despair and genius in the firsts chapter are alone worth it!


Sadly it stopped in the middle. So no more chapter! But I loved reading it. I want to draw a great long story wich would have a world as well created as this one. All these wonderous various creatures depicted make me fell for it!


Quick mention of it, i didn't discover it in 2020, but sadly it stopped a week or so ago. If you want to read something you may try this one. I wanted to talk about Parallax at least once!

Hope you found this list interesting! Next time we'll cover my works! Have a really nice day, or night~

And you what webcomic did you discovered in 2020?



Posted by YariGrafight - October 14th, 2020


Work in progress! Don't know if i'll be able to finish this one-shot story till halloween. It'd be great!


Posted by YariGrafight - September 30th, 2020